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Planning your estate

When most people think of estate planning they imagine land or real estate, but estates are often much more than just land. When planning your estate you are essentially making a list of the things you have in your life that you want to pass on to the next generation....

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Why You Still Need A Patent

A decade or two ago, the first thing anyone said about a new business idea was "patent that, dude". Moods have shifted slightly, and that doesn't seem to be the prevailing attitude anymore. This has me wondering, what changed? I think the answer boils down to two...

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Is Filing Bankruptcy Right For Me?

Many people know a little bit about bankruptcy. Usually a bit about being in debt and filing for it to get out of debt. There is a lot more going on under the hood besides that though. We've got a great advisory piece on the basics of bankruptcy here. Knowing the...

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Living Will And Durable Healthcare Power Of Attorney

When a "will" is brought up in a legal discussion, everyone's mind often jumps to a "last will and testament". Probably followed by arguments over any kind of inheritance. But we're here to talk about a different kind of will today. Living Will A Living Will outlines...

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How To Prove Negligence

In the event of an accident, car or otherwise, the only way to demand reparations is to prove someone's fault. A majority of the people in this world are not inherently malicious (despite what the news may tell you) and sometimes accidents just happen. Speeding in...

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Advice For Proper Handling Of Custody

Battling for custody of children isn't fun for anybody. In any kind of separation or divorce, it's natural to want to see your children as often as possible and to maybe resent the other party for not allowing that to happen. Remember, they probably want the same...

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