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Why You Always Need a Contract

  Elementary school kids across the country have found decades of profit on street corners selling lemonade. However, None of these young soft drink entrepreneurs have had a business license or contract. This begs the question, then, at what point does a...

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WILL You TRUST Your Kids?

Why you need a WILL or TRUST No matter how many times I’ve seen a child get robbed of his or her inheritance, it still makes me sick. Bob and Linda, both with children from a previous relationship, got another chance at love. Unfortunately, neither of them had a will...

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Bankruptcy Basics: Covering Your Assets

So, you’re in a tight spot and you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, eh?  The aim of bankruptcy is simple: pay creditors as much as possible while leaving the debtor (the person filing bankruptcy) with enough assets to have a “fresh start.”  The way to accomplish...

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Business Partner Trouble?

Trouble with a business partner? Post Falls Law can help!" *The following names of my clients have been changed to protect their privacy. This case started in the early nineties. David and Goliath, two partners, drafted an airtight partnership agreement as they...

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Idaho Childcare Power of Attorney

When do you need a Childcare Power of Attorney? You’re going under a long-term medical treatment and grandma and grandpa will be taking care of the kids. Or maybe you are taking some time to get your life in order and your sibling will be watching your child in the...

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