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Meet: Kurt Jonathon Frantz

Meet: Kurt

An Idaho native, Kurt possesses and exhibits all the qualities we love about this great state–hard work, honesty, ingenuity, and straightforwardness. Kurt studied at Utah State University where he graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in History. After graduation, he worked in Texas and Washington, D.C. before commencing his legal education…

When NOT to call a lawyer 150 150 Paul

When NOT to call a lawyer

I can list off articles and blogs about times where I should call a lawyer until I’m blue in the face. The other side of that very valuable coin, however, is when not to. It’s not as if I’m trying to avoid business, I just value the time and money of my customers. It’s that part…

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer 856 561 Paul

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents and injuries can honestly be terrifying experiences. Painful and confusing, many people’s first thoughts are not to immediately seek legal counsel or find a personal injury lawyer. Things such as hospital bills and car insurance are often how the conversations start. However, protecting your legal rights in the case of an injury or accident…

Advice For Proper Handling Of Custody 150 150 Paul

Advice For Proper Handling Of Custody

Battling for custody of children isn’t fun for anybody. In any kind of separation or divorce, it’s natural to want to see your children as often as possible and to maybe resent the other party for not allowing that to happen. Remember, they probably want the same thing you do and it’s important to acknowledge…

Legal Options In The Face Of Defaulted Loans 150 150 Paul

Legal Options In The Face Of Defaulted Loans

Student loans are some of the largest held debt in the United States. As tuition and other school costs continue their upward trend, millions of Americans continue to accrue thousands in high-risk federal loans that cannot be forgiven in the face of declaring bankruptcy. The best cure is always more costly than an act of…

Mediation, A Conflict Solution To Consider 150 150 Paul

Mediation, A Conflict Solution To Consider

“I’ll see you in court!” cries every pugnacious movie character seeking to forcefully resolve a conflict. Taking someone to court, however, shouldn’t be the motivating factor in seeking conflict resolution. If you are engaged in serious conflict with another person or organization, mediation can be a less expensive and more timely solution to your situation.…

Helping Out Local Business 1080 675 Jonathon Frantz

Helping Out Local Business

How Post Falls Law has helped local businesses with their legal needs. Post Falls Law can help you with Business Law, Wills and Trust, Estate Planning, and Bankruptcy, VIEW SERVICES

Meet Diana 1080 675 Jonathon Frantz

Meet Diana

Diana Hudson was born in New York City. Her and husband Johnny of 35 years have made Coeur D’ Alene their home along with their two children. She has worked as Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for the last 10 plus years in different capacities, and has worked for law firms in the last 6 years.…

Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Trademarks 150 150 Paul

Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Trademarks

We protect Intellectual Property with Copyrights, Trademarks, and Registered Trademarks. You may have seen certain protections as the symbols ©, ™, and ® following everything from logos to comic strips. What are they and what do they do? Copyright. Let’s start with copyright. You have a right to copy or reproduce any work you’ve personally…

What would you do with your $50,000 inheritance? 794 445 Jonathon Frantz

What would you do with your $50,000 inheritance?

We asked some locals what they would do if they were given a $50,000 inheritance and received a very wide array of responses!   Post Falls Law can help you with Will and Trusts VIEW SERVICES