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Small Business Bankruptcy-A personal experinece

Everyone has that entrepreneurial dream in this country. Who hasn't thought about how nice it would be to be their own boss, set their own hours, and really carve out the beginnings of their financial independence by following their own dream? Striking out on your own...

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Planning your estate

When most people think of estate planning they imagine land or real estate, but estates are often much more than just land. When planning your estate you are essentially making a list of the things you have in your life that you want to pass on to the next generation....

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The Steps Of A Legal Divorce

The word "divorce" gets tossed around by a lot of people who don't actually understand the process. There are eligibility requirements, multiple steps, court summons, mediation/settling options, and a whole lot more. Today, I'm here to demystify the whole divorce...

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Differences Between Physical And Legal Child Custody?

Child Custody is never simple. On top of the already stressful situation of two or more people vying for a child's time, that time can be allocated in a variety of ways. The two primary methods of determining custody are physical custody and legal custody. These two...

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Why You Still Need A Patent

A decade or two ago, the first thing anyone said about a new business idea was "patent that, dude". Moods have shifted slightly, and that doesn't seem to be the prevailing attitude anymore. This has me wondering, what changed? I think the answer boils down to two...

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The Legal Aspects Of Business: Filing

Starting your own business can be terrifying for so many reasons. Leaving out all of the "I need to sell a good or a service and profit and be the boss?" part of the deal, there are a ton of legal aspects as well. The big one that most people worry about is how to...

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