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I used Post Falls Law for business contract review and was very impressed! Jonathon Frantz helped me understand my real estate contracts and gave me the edits needed for protecting my interests in the project. I appreciated working with a local attorney near me and was really impressed that they are a paperless law office. Everything was quickly edited and shared back to me with explanations saving time and saving me money in the process. I’ll definitely use them again.
J. Dahlstrom
Great people, they speak English rather then legalize. They offer free first consultation. Have worked with Chris Williams, first rate!
S. Marr

My wife and I, HIGHLY recommend Post Falls Law to anyone looking for an honest, enthusiastic, and very capable attorney that obviously cares about his clients.Thank You Jonathon…we very much appreciate helping us sort through that mess! Your efforts are very much appreciated and gives me hope that not all attorney’s are out to take advantage of their clients and that you truly care about what you do. You have a client for life.
You will make a difference!

D. Nosworthy
The people at the law fIrm were quick to respond on details I needed. They were up to date on information and gave me the best scenario to go with. I would recommend them to anyone. Their legal aid Kathleen was awesome and very responsive on everything.
A. Wright
I have spoken to Johnathan twice now and he was amazing and took his time. He gave me some great advice and is extremely friendly. I never felt rushed or like I was bothering him. Their office is always clean and the decor is all about Post Falls, it’s a nice change from the regular office environments. Johnathan is very professional and I feel will give you the best advice he can and is extremely honest!
J. Kegley
My attorney Jonathon Frantz was a rock star I was so impressed. Very professional and knowledgeable really went to bat for me. The truth came out. Was like I was watching a movie the jury voted in favor of me. I won yeah!!
P. Beaushay